About the Digital Media Internship Program

Stanford's Digital Media Internship Progam offers students the opportunity to play a major role in defining and shaping Stanford's online outreach to the world. As new digital media tools and channels emerge, the Digital Media Interns explore new ways for Stanford to "tell its story" through digital media. The Digital Media Interns are also responsible for bringing the student voice to Stanford's online outreach; for example, interns curate and develop content for Stanford's official Facebook Page and Twitter feed.

Stanford's online properties are viewed by over one million people around-the-world every month. As a result, interns in the program have the chance to hone their skills while representing Stanford to a large and varied audience. In addition, students in the Digital Media Internship Program will have the opportunity to meet with and learn from digital media leaders from within and outside of Stanford.

The Digital Media Internship Program operates under the direction of Ian Hsu, Director of Internet Media Outreach in Stanford's Office of Public Affairs.

Intern Roles

For the 2011-2012 academic year, we will have intern openings in the following roles:

Get to know some of our amazing and accomplished interns (past and present) by clicking here.

How to apply

The internship program will have a number of new openings for 2011-2012. All internships are paid and available only to registered undergraduate or graduate Stanford students. Detailed job descriptions and applications have been posted for the new media evangelist/writer and new media photographer positions. Prospective web and digital graphic design ninjas are welcome to express their interest here.